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Parsons had surgery earlier in 2016, and is on limited court activity at the time of publication. Age: 28 Born: Akron, Ohio Position: Point guard Current Team: Golden State Warriors One of the more popular players in the pack, Stephen Curry is no stranger to the general public – and those who don’t watch any basketball.

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Over 27,000,000 lives, enough to fill EVERY Professional Football stadium in the country 12 TIMES are Trapped in Bonded Labor / Forced Labor / Human Trafficking.And with looks like that, who wouldn’t want Williams to represent their brand?Age: 27 Born: Brazzaville, Congo Position: Power forward Current Team: Orlando Magic In 2008, Serge Ibaka became the first player drafted into the NBA from the Republic of Congo.Parsons is younger than most previous guys on the list, and was drafted in 2011.

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He’s had a few stints in modelling in 2014, which we’re not surprised by.

And it must run in the family, as his brother Jaleel is also a pro basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks.

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