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04-Jul-2019 18:12

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My previous plan with BSNL used to be 30GB a month, and once I crossed it, my 4mbps connection would be throttled to a snail-like speed of 256kps. So what makes apps like facebook have complete overhauls of their app all the time?

Last year, I switched to ACT who gives 75GB a month at around 8mbps, and a post 75Gb speed of 512kpbs. Facebook claims every update improves speed and reliability.

The whole thing pretty much acted like a clunky, amateurish malware attack. If you have the setting checked to allow installations from unknown sources (sideloading) you might have seen this.

You also might still be stuck fiddling with the notification that won't go away.

For the past couple of days users have been seeing a download notification for a new Facebook build (140579 or 141046).

The notification would get stuck for many folks, and reboots or battery pulls just caused another notification and stuck download. They are pushing out an update outside of the Play Store (which is a direct violation of the developer agreement, by the way) to some users to test new features.

Draw over other apps, prevent phone from sleeping, reorder running apps, retrieve running apps, toggle sync on and off.

The ability to change your audio settings and record audio, take pictures and videos Add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without the owners’ knowledge, read calendar events plus confidential information, read your own contact card.

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But it happens infrequently, maybe a couple of times a year, and is usually tied to major i OS updates. It’s not like Facebook doesn’t know that data is an issue in India.A week or so ago, I updated the Facebook app on my phone. As I was about to hit the update button again, I paused. In reality, it gets throttled once you reach a certain limit. That would be why many apps tend to have smaller updates. Around a week later, a new update weighing in at 240MB popped up. Unlimited broadband plans (wifi) do exist in India.But we can't overlook the fact that they let this go on for three days and still haven't posted a little something to their blog or dropped a little blurb in the Google Play app description to let the users -- you know, the ones who are worried what the hell this fake Facebook download is doing -- know what was going on.

Anyhoo, if you see the notification about it, just turn on your Wifi and it will overwrite your current Facebook app with something -- nobody knows exactly what, because Facebook hates change logs, too -- newer, and hopefully better.

Modify your contacts, read call log, read your contacts, write call log.