Vtp client not updating

07-May-2019 02:37

There are so many options and considerations with VTP (spanning tree, security, etc.) that you must do what is right for your particular situation.I could not use VTP in most of environments due to the fact that we require vlans above 1005.

VTP pruning has also been enabled for the domain, and all switches are configured so that VLAN 10 is not prune-eligible on the trunk links.By default all the VLANs that exist on a switch are active on a trunk link.As noted in section "6-3: Trunking", you can manually remove VLANs from a trunk link and then add them later.I can easily have 1 server connected to another server and change vlans, revision numbers, whatever all day long and not impact a thing so long as my two switches are not connected via trunks but access links or as one user already mentioned routed links.

Nopt sure I agree with some of the other statements made here.VTP pruning allows the switch to not forward user traffic for VLANs that are not active on a remote switch.