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To obtain information about the time spent using a MP, students were asked to answer the following questions: “Do you own a MP? ”, “How much time do you spend making phone calls per day?”, and “How much time do you spend on MP entertainment (playing games and browsing the internet) per day? MP usage was assessed using these questions: “How do you answer the phone (hold it close to your ear, hands-free, or use headphones)?In this cross-sectional survey, questionnaires were sent out to 7720 currently enrolled students from 4 middle schools in southwestern China.After obtaining written consent from the students' parents or guardians, the questionnaires were distributed and collected during school hours by the research staff who had previously received epidemiological survey training.The dramatic growth of mobile phone (MP) use among young people has increased interest in its possible health hazards in this age group.The aim of this cross-sectional study was to investigate the association between MP use and inattention in adolescents.

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Furthermore, adolescents with inattention are at a higher risk of other psychiatric illnesses such as mood and conduct disorders, and substance abuse [].

After adjusted for confounders, inattention in adolescents was significantly associated with MP ownership, the time spent on entertainment on MP per day, the position of the MP during the day and the mode of the MP at night.