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Fully 63% of cell owners who don’t text make and receive 1 to 5 calls a day, while just 21% of heavy texters engage in the same amount of voice calling.

On the other side, 26% of heavy texters make and receive 31 or more calls a day, while just 1% of phone owners who do not text make and receive the same large number of calls.

The average adult cell phone owner makes and receives around 5 voice calls a day.

Overall, the largest segment (44%) of cell-owning adults makes 1 to 5 calls on a typical day.

Two of the main uses of the cell phone are voice calling and text messaging.

While nearly all adult users of the cell phone make phone calls, 72% of adults 18 and older with cell phones send and receive text messages, up from 58% of phone-owning adults who texted in December 2007. Among the nearly three quarters of adults with phones who text, the average user sends and receives 10 texts a day, up from an average of 5 texts a day just 8 months earlier in September 2009.

While 88% of adults 50 and older send 10 or fewer texts a day, just 50% of adults younger than 50 say the same.

The very youngest adults text most similarly to their teenage counterparts — having just left their teen years themselves.

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African-American and Hispanic texters typically text more on average than white texters, with a median of 10 texts a day for African-Americans and Hispanics and 5 texts a day for whites.More adults have a cell phone than have an i Pod or mp3 player (46%) or e-Book reader (4%), and just as many adults have a computer (79% have a laptop or desktop) as have a mobile phone.One third (35%) of those who do not own a cell phone live in households where someone else has a cell phone.Minorities send more text messages and make more calls on average than their white counterparts.

Parents with children under 18 in the home are also keen users of the cell phone.

Cell phones are now toted by more than four in five American adults (82%).