Updating my thread box software

08-Apr-2019 13:09

Bear in mind that if you do wish to use it, you may need to re-write or patch your code should it be officially released.

View our resources page for VC8 x64 and VC9 x64 here if you require this download.

As this guide expands on our Apache 2.2 installation on Windows, we will download the recommended VC6 build for our HTTP server and avoid any possibility of backward incompatibilities or library conflicts.

I had access to some training courses of Inventor, so I decided to learn myself the basics, and to get the opinion about this CAD package, by comparing it to SW: scaling the strength of the exact functions which I use everyday, and which are essentially important to me as an industrial engineer. I am not commercially (or in any other way) interested to represent Solidworks, I just use it for my work2.

And depending on your final setup selection, you may not even need to edit the apache config file either.

Best of all, we can restart the installer at any time to amend or expand on our installation (The installer can also be simply configured to roll-out an install of php silently onto one or more computers).

In this scenario, Apache will provide the correct MPM for threadsafety (more information is in our Apache 2.2.17 guide if needed).

If using PHP independently to run your CGI requests from Apache, both Thread Safe and Non-Thread Safe options are available.

Thread Safe Vs Non-Thread Safe is the subject of programming for mulitcore and multiprocessor systems where we can slice up one instruction into multi instructions.