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10-Jun-2019 00:49

This is a simple solution, because it's the same as the previous section.You can use either or hellotxt to send updates to Facebook from your instant messenger client.Of the two, hellotxt has been around longer (since 2007), although has grown fairly popular in its own right.Both services offer posting to dozens of social networks from a number of different sources, so you may simply want to try both and decide which one you like best.Twitter to Facebook - This Facebook app simply sends all your Twitter updates right into Facebook as status updates with one important exception: @reply tweets will not appear.Selective Twitter - If you're looking for more manual control over exactly which Twitter updates make it over to Facebook, you might want to try this app instead.Just a few of the sites and services that can be connected to your Facebook page include Pandora, Wordpress via Wordbook, (you might want to try their What I'm Listening To app for a simpler method as well), Flickr, Qik, Ustream, gamer DNA, Raptr, and more.

Simply attach the photos or videos you'd like to send in your email, and use the subject line as the caption (if you upload more than one piece of media at a time, they will all get the same caption).

It only sends tweets at Facebook status updates if you include the hashtag #fb at the end of your message.