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01-May-2019 20:47

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Internet connectivity is not required for the global proxy server.If no cloud proxy server is enabled, the Extra Hop appliance will attempt to connect through the global proxy.This is also known as link aggregation, port trunking, link bundling, Ethernet/network/NIC bonding, or NIC teaming.Creating bond interfaces will cause you to lose connectivity to your Extra Hop appliance.The Admin UI includes the following configuration settings to manage support packages: Some support packs only perform a function on the Extra Hop appliance, while other support packs gather information about the state of the system for analysis by the Extra Hop Support team.If the support pack generated a results package to send to the Extra Hop Support team, then the Admin UI redirects to the Extra Hop Cloud Services provides access to Extra Hop cloud-based services through an encrypted connection.Only 1Gb E interfaces are supported for bond interfaces. When you modify bond interface settings, you lose connectivity to your Extra Hop appliance.

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This configuration is also known as link aggregation, port channeling, link bundling, Ethernet/network/NIC bonding, or NIC teaming.The Admin UI Guide provides detailed information about the administrator features and functionality of the Extra Hop Discover and Command appliances.This guide provides an overview of the global navigation and information about the controls, fields, and options available throughout the UI.This file can help Extra Hop Support diagnose the issue.

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When you receive assistance from Extra Hop Support, you might need to load an Extra Hop-provided support pack to apply a special setting, make a small adjustment to the system, or get help with remote support or enhanced settings.It identifies and provides status for specified components that have configuration settings that remain in memory when the power to the appliance is turned off.

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