Troubleshooting updating bios on a7n8x deluxe

08-Jun-2019 03:57

PS check the cable is firmed fro the HD to the M/BThanks guys I had already tried your suggestions before posting the problem. Power supply is a new 320w & I have tried another one, same result. Have already tried a new battery which reset the BIOS to default boot order. Had the video card out & checked it is seated properly, removed hd drive cable & reconnected.

When the buzzing sound starts at post the onscreen error comes up & I can't access the BIOS.

If the system is left off for over an hour, no whining noise & it boots ok, but sometimes says CPU is not detected properly but it boots & goes ok. Any ideas Thanks This one seems easy to me, but the Bios Checksum means you need a new CMOS battery, dont ask me why, but for seven dollars you can fix this error.

If the second error occurs after a battery swap then get into BIOS and check that the first boot device is floppy the second is CDROM and the third is Hard Drive zero.

1 month old computer 2.4GHz intel Gigabyte m/board 512Mb DDR For the last week it has not been booting properly. But if it is shutdown & restarted within an hour or just restarted after installing anything I get the following message at reboot.

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Could it be the hard drive not responding properly to the BIOS call? I'll just have to get another board down & hope it's the problem.they had taken a BIOS chip from one old motherboard and put it on to his ...

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