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16-Apr-2019 06:59

Public transport tends to bring out the best in designers - think the simple genius of the London Underground map or the colorful signage on the New York subway - and that’s definitely the case here.

Transit makes excellent use of color and typography to provide all the information you need in a very effective way.

With this version of the app, your Watch now gets the same Sky Tracking features as the i Phone app has: you can now raise your wrist and identify the stars, planets and constellations around you.

There’s a time travel feature too, so you can track how the various heavenly bodies will move.

We use it for shopping lists, to-do lists, random scribbled ideas in the wee small hours and anything else we think we might need to refer to later, and unlike some rival cross-platform services it’s completely free.

Microsoft hopes you’ll like it so much you’ll embrace Office, which is available for a very low price as part of a premium One Drive plan.

In fact, it's one of the best smartwatch options out there, and now we're at the third generation it's getting to a particularly accomplished option.

It then tells you what to do, so for example in the case of your steak you’re urged to let it rest for five minutes and then slice across the grain.

You’ll also see photos so you can compare what your food looks like with what it should look like.

If there’s one thing the App Store isn’t short of, it’s note-taking apps.

But it’s worth taking a look at One Note, especially if you work across a range of Mac and PC devices, because as it syncs via Microsoft’s cloud, it’s a very good cross-platform app with particularly well-designed i Phone, i Pad and Mac apps to organize pretty much everything.Think of it as an egg timer that can do more than eggs. Choose the kind of food you want to time, such as a roast chicken or a steak, and tell the app how heavy it is and, where appropriate, how well done you want it to be.

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