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23-Jun-2019 16:03

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Artificial sweeteners increase appetite, here's how. The green tea in purple sticks may be good for neurological disorders. Syrian refugee assaults 13 year old child in Massachusetts. 14 year old brat white boy apologies to Everyone and says men should act like women. Thanks for supporting : Senate votes this week to give FBI warrant less search of your browsing history. Good show....energy green : Six facts that proves gun control does not work. : Police is Rio are warning folks not to attend Olympics. Man charged with felony and jailed for burning the American flag. Putin warns NATO is taking us to WW3 Trump release ten point plan to reform the VA Americans are no longer eating out as much. Russia deploying it's aircraft carrier to the Syria area. Concealed carry holder stops mass shooting in South Carolina. Man who tried to assassinate The Donald may get thirty years. The role of turmeric in allergies, heart disease and diabetes prevention. Jet streams north and south of the equator compromised.is bad. : Trump says any republican candidate who signed the pledge to support the GOP candidate who does not do so should not be allowed to run for elected office. Also covered the importance of zinc in sperm count, libido and preventing pneumonia. Root canals increase risk of cancer and other health issues. Leaked emails indicate democrats are targeting Christians. : Merkel is continuing her insane immigration policy. Three charged so far in a billion dollar Medicare scheme. New studies on glyphosate ...just keeps getting worse. Russian people are storing food and salt in preparation for WW3. American college of pediatrics says teaching children transgender ism is child abuse. 14 year old brat white boy apologies to Everyone and says men should act like women. 300k migrants in Germany are now working illegally and giving kickbacks to asylum staff Immigration judges now releasing 33% of illegal’s charged with crimes since 2015Syrian refugees now flooding Michigan along with shari towns now completely muslims controlled in that state. Republican Illinois governor signs pro abortion bill. Democratic convention ends with having to pay attendees to fill seats. German politician trying to put German troops back on the streets of germany. Evidence unfolding that CIA and NATO may have been involved is Turkish coup. Romance novels the new porn being used against women. Ted Cruz soiled himself last night at the convention, politically. BBC says calling a terrorist a terrorist is politically incorrect...Problem is they are serious. High energy green show : How the election machines were hacked..

Even though the plant has shown great results with pain relief and opiate withdrawal. : Teflon lawsuits are paying out for causing cancer. Bernie Sanders has lost the respect of his supporters for endorsing a Wicked Witch. Ted on hodges Sunday night Today's show covered Pense being chosen as Trump VP. Pink Flamingos in yards as a protest against Disney near disney.

Kentucky Pharmacy now selling Naloxone without a prescription. Venezuela citizens working for twenty cents an hour.

: FSU gun free campus; students robbed at gunpoint. Zika pesticide Naled that is being used in Florida is linked to autism. Social security has a looming 32 trillion dollar short fall coming. : Too much meat can cause cancer and heart disease. : Eight billion dollars paid secretly to the Muslim brotherhood by Obama.

Trump says Hillary will get payback Nov 8 when she loses election. : Lead contamination in drinking water has become a national emergency.

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: This show is a must listen for all Americans especially Christians. I cover why Clinton was not indicted from a inter dimensional Christian perspective.

: Beets and turmeric: some of the best nutrients for inflammation. Hillary blatantly implies that independent media has not place in her tyrannical government. Monsanto rhetoric trying to claim bananas are all going extinct naturally : Lana Broer Discusses detailed tips for pregnancy and post birth. Justice department announces it will be ending For Profit Prisons. : Iowa parade floats depicts Hillary behind bars wearing an orange jump suit.

“It’s demoralizing to be connected to everyone yet no one at the same time.… continue reading »

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Pez (born Perry Chapman) is an Australian hip hop recording artist from Melbourne, Australia. Pez's debut album, A Mind of My Own, was produced by Matik,(DEKAH1) with contributions from members of TZU, The Cat Empire and Blue King Brown.… continue reading »

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In fact, there’s a growing trend in which exact denomination matters considerably less for marital satisfaction than does the degree or type of belief.… continue reading »

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Ryan Phillippe has split from his lawyer fiancée Paulina Slagter.… continue reading »

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How many times do you think you've spoken about the same things on each call? It's time to change up the usual Skype sessions with one or more of the 21 awesome long distance relationship date night ideas we've put together for you and your partner. This is definitely one of the best ways to relax with your partner without even being next to them.… continue reading »

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