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After she stated her desire to defect in writing, the United States Ambassador Chester Bowles offered her political asylum and a new life in the United States. in India, eleven in the morning Washington time, I said, "I have a person here who states she's Stalin's daughter, and we believe she's genuine; unless you instruct me to the contrary, I’m putting her on the one a.m.plane for Rome where we can stop and think the thing through.In 1984, she returned to the Soviet Union and had her Soviet citizenship returned.She later went back to the United States and also spent time in France, before settling in the United Kingdom and becoming a British citizen in 1992. On 9 November 1932 her mother, Nadezhda, at the age of 31, fatally shot herself following a public spat with Stalin at a dinner party over the effects of the government's collectivization policies on the peasantry.Wright's influence, and Alliluyeva's inability to adjust to the cult-like lifestyle of the Taliesin Fellowship, which she compared to life in the Soviet Union under her father.

She stayed in the family home in Kalakankar on the banks of the Ganges for three months and became immersed in local customs, leading to her abandonment of atheism.

Alliluyeva, for the most part, lived the last two years of her life in southern Wisconsin, either in Richland Center or Spring Green.