Statistics on dating services

27-Aug-2019 08:09

Life & Benefits reports are written by life insurance specialists who regularly visit local supervisors, insurance associations, insurers, reinsurers, brokers and benefit consultants in each of the territories covered to gather vital information and deliver leading insight on the global life insurance industry.

Axco Global Statistics supplies data on written premiums, year on year growth, technical results including loss ratios and combined ratios, and more.Details of local reinsurance companies are also available for certain territories.Users can easily create single country, cross-country, and company statistics reports, and all figures can be converted instantly from local currency into USD, GBP or EUR. Insight Compliance supplies insurance professionals with key regulatory and tax compliance information for all major lines of non-life business in over 170 territories across the globe.The database can be used in isolation as well as to supplement the written detail of Insurance Market Reports.

Using a more flexible and interactive information delivery system with a focused line-of-business approach, Clinical Trials provides quick and easy access to market-specific information on clinical trials environments in over 170 territories.Axco Insurance Market Reports are researched, written and regularly updated by experienced Axco consultants who visit local supervisors, insurance associations, insurers, reinsurers and brokers in each of the territories covered, gathering vital information and providing in-depth analysis of the local market.