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26-Jun-2019 17:14

Something one would wear for an evening, There are hints of ripening fruits and a smell of aged brandy mixed with thick honey, I really cant put my finger on it.This is a mature perfume, If you are above 40, things will settle around you very quickly and its a pleasant fragrance.It's what I'd have liked etat libre d'orange remarkable people to smell like.Unfortunately on skin this becomes unwearable for a man.This one excites me so much more even though NDN is indeed a beautiful composition..

It’s a firm favourite that could easily rise to a special sort of signature ;) This is a floral scent with some semi-dirty vibes on my skin, nothing different from many other women perfumes when you first spray it on your wrist. Fantastic opening and middle development stages here........ I get the "champagne" smell a bit--weaving in and out. after 1/2 hour all you are left with is a medicine-y sandalwood on your skin. Tom Ford really dropped the test tube while creating this one! A related plant is even called Banana Shrub (Magnolia/Michelia figo) due to it's banana fragranced flowers.Having took a flight I could still smell it that night. This is the sexiest floral scent I’ve ever experienced!I wore this on one arm and Noir de Noir on the other..decide which I preferred.Yesterday I received the best compliment in history of ever wearing fragrances! ” To me, that’s the best thing you can ever tell me! It didn’t struck me as spectacular at the Tom Ford counter, as there was too much sensory overload in-store. And thank you Lux Aestiva, for your wonderful review. I mostly sense the yellow flowers that must be the champaca essence and something boozzy and smokey in the same time. Works great in both summer and winter but in winter is much more interesting, the 'fumey aspect is more pronounced during colder seasons.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be walking around dripping and oozing delicious, sticky, Turkish Delight??! But I knew it stood a chance and I bought a 10ml decant. You describe my own impression of Champaca Absolute to a tee! If you have ever smelled champaca flowers or other related magnolias, this will instantly transport you into sticking your face into it's fresh blooms.I’ll probably cave and purchase it this week Champaca Absolute is ABSOLUTELY sexy, sultry, juicy, nectarous liquid gold! The champaca flower here in Champaca Absolute is essentially a sweet, nectarous yellow/white floral of tropical origin. Combined with cognac and marron glace, comes a syrupy and saucy dimension that adds both to sweetness and depth. I love it and do not regret the price I paid for it.

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