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I also think, politics totally aside, we all bonded so immensely over the election. I have horses — excuse this analogy, but it really is appropriate.

We were shooting six weeks before the election, so we were all campaigning and then the election happened and we all had to go into work that next morning. If you have a ranch or whatever and you have five horses and you’re bringing a new horse into the ranch, normally, the horses won’t accept the new horse at first. Someone cracked a whip, we were all in danger because of the election, and we bonded as a pack. There is definitely improv going on, which I think you can tell.

Every single pop-culture hit that they could possibly do from that era, they found a way to incorporate it, which is so cool. It’s clearly not Bradley Cooper, the way he looks, right? We weren’t allowed to take a lot of social-media pictures, or post a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff while we were filming.

I think it’s hard to draw the line between visually what’s ’80s and what’s ’90s. Just Google search “Alyssa Milano ’80s.” Did you have to keep that fact that Adam Scott was playing Bradley Cooper’s character a secret? Towards the end of the show, you have this insane fight scene with Adam. Well, first of all, the best part about that whole fight scene is David had this piece of music that he choreographed the fight scene to. I don’t know if that music actually found its way into that scene in the show, but everything was what he choreographed. All of these pieces of my life are constantly moving and evolving and changing.

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I play this woman named Cora Lee and she’s got this thick accent and big hair and fake nails and it’s so fun.

That just manifests itself in such a lovely way on set.