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Consequently to eliminate disability it is necessary to change these social relations - that is, we, disabled people, must all participate in the changing of society.

Parsons says that all societies have four basic needs: Thomas Betterton wrote in the 17th century that "the hands are the most habil" [able] "members of the body". Someone who is able to do something has the "skill, qualities, knowledge, means, or opportunity to do it" (Plain English Dictionary) 's definitions Amelia Harris needed to create definitions that would enable the Department of Health and Social Security to survey (count a sample) disabled people for the first time.If this could be 'cured' then our social problems would be eliminated.Since, at present anyway, not all physical impairments can be 'cured', those who use the from disability.Individual means something that cannot be divided: a unit complete in itself.

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In the above quotations it refers to single human beings, which is what we usually mean when we say "an individual".Handicap: "the disadvantage or restriction of activity caused by permanent disability".