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In each of the three works we are submitting, a different vision of Europe and the world is presented.

The works are translated from the Italian, the German and the Hungarian : through the feuilletonesque stories of four characters, Les Folles Espérances presents us with Italy and Europe during the rise of European nations in the nineteenth century ; Ransmayr's Atlas is a litterary masterpiece and a eulogy, by a passionate European author and traveler, to the dialogue between world cultures.

Ce nouveau soutien sélectif sera ouvert à des sociétés européennes qui proposeront des stratégies de distribution et de promotion internationales innovantes d’un ou plusieurs films ACM sur au moins 3 territoires, dont un territoire européen (hors France) et un territoire extra-européen.

Financement Européen Obtenu : 49 999,96 EUR Région : Ile-de-France Secteur : Industries culturelles The support of Europe Creative would enhance, with the publication of three novels chosen for their literary and political scope, the circulation of a demanding European literature in a context of financial uncertainty.

Finally, the novel Erositö by the great Hungarian thinker of Europe, Sándor Márai, whose humanist work Albin Michel has been supporting since it was rediscovered in the 90's, makes a case against Inquisition and for tolerance.

They are encouraged and trained to highlight the specificity of European filmmaking, by giving value to its tradition and its reputation.

Partners : 2 - Financement Européen Obtenu : 1 997 528,15 EUR Région : Picardie Secteur : Création Focusing on addressing the specific issues of the classical music sector, ONE® – An Orchestra Network for Europe has designed a new cooperation project to set more intercultural dialogue in motion and extend artistic reach across borders.

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