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Real Health is a studio based chat show featuring topics about holistic health solutions.

It explores how these solutions, when practiced correctly, leads to a physically, emotionally and mentally healthier body, mind and soul.

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The series is presented by seasoned television personality and health and fitness guru, Stacey Holland.

Stacey did not just grow up in a family where a naturopathic way of living was the order of the day, but she is also a wellness ambassador.

During the course of the series we don’t just explore how diet, exercise and lifestyle all contributes to a healthier mind, body and soul, but by delving a little deeper we go to the root of what happens on a biological, physiological and psychological level when healthy living is practiced holistically.

We further offer viewers diverse approaches to health that suites different lifestyles, personalities and believes, for instance conventional Western medical solutions, Eastern disciplines that’s been practiced for thousands of years, modern nutritional viewpoints, age old remedies, your-are-what-you-eat solutions, fitness regimes and much more.

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Our guests in studio share their stories on how they’ve gone about living organic and and going green and they also share small steps that on e can take in mmaking a transition to living a healthier organic lifestyle In this episode of Real Health we explore the fanscinating concept of NEUROPLASTICITY, the ability of the brain to change , re-adapt and reprogrammed.

In this episode of Real Health, we explore nature’s very own pharmacy: The herbal apothecary.