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She laughs and I pick up condom and put it in her back pocket and smack her butt.If she returns it I say it's for you and insist on her keeping it. Half way I say can I have my condom back, so she know it's time to use it.

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She grabbed a hold of a tiny bit of stomach and said she was fat. I think she trusted me at that point and felt I tipped good for just a massage but in the meantime I found a good provider that gives good massage and . My point being they could scared to have a larger cock. I have had one As soon as you are led to a room you get buck naked. I left the woman a small tip and drove emmediatly to Dallas.

If you ask for it first, you are soliciting and subject to arrest if the provider is an undercover officer. When the girls feel comfortable, they will ask you. " If she said No then decide then whether to walk out or try out her massage skill.i wait till they leave, get undressed as they say and when she walks back in i hold my arms out for a hug..she goes for it my hands grab her butt a gently squeeze it and tell its nice..her know i am cool and not Anyone try palm reading a friend called one and was asked what type of girl asian thai, korean and it threw him for a loop.. They get back to back customers so they will need something to get on and off FAST and in case of a surprise visit from a local PD. What happened to free - Because of my money situation, I cannot afford to pay.

I had them ask at the first massage and several at the fifth massage I am prior military and still keep the military haircut, so I look like Ok.... He is a gypsy and said I never thought of it most are open 24hrs a day.. Too bad you can't sell more advertising and offer free accounts as that would increase the interest and, ultimately, I can save my pennies for a good girl somewhere.

When she is near your stomack, and goes light, move her had to where you want it.

They have seen it all, and may send in a different gal to take care of you.

The body language you show and the touching and caressing of parts you can reach and her response will clue you to her comfort level and lessen the likelihood you are thought of as trouble.