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It was a modern addition on the old house where their master bedroom and office were located, away from the kid’s rooms. He pressed the soil crotch to his nose and the scent of vaginal fluid erased the image of the girl who owned the underwear. Had he actually loved her, or was it the sex, sex and more sex that he loved? “I added that last part.” He watched her legs swing, wondering when they had gotten so long.

The first door in the hallway was to the office, but Candy passed it and took Zachary into the master bedroom. “I don’t flirt with him,” Deana said, “and even if I did, I don’t try and peek at his panties every time he gets out of the back seat, like you do when Rebecca gets out of your car. He threw punch after punch until his heart pounded and blood roared in his ears. He turned and saw his sister on the open staircase that led down to their finished basement. Don’t be hostile, Deana said, and sat with her legs hanging over the edge of the staircase. “I’m going to take a quick shower.” In the bathroom, Evan stopped drying his head when he heard his dad calling his name. He flattened his thick black hair and pulled gray sweatpants up is wet legs.

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She paused and slid her hand over the end of the king sized bed, then continued through the doorway into the attached office. It’s set up like a motion light, it records anytime something moves outside. He pressed the unlock button on his keypad and a blue Monte Carlo chirped. I’m just trying to be friendly with her, and—” “Friendly,” Deana said. ” She pulled at the bun on top of her head and silky black hair cascaded down her back. Not to mention checking out my friends every chance you get.” “Like you don’t flirt with Jason,” he said. Their father was the major deterrent, but Jason was still hot for Deana. Pervert.” He hated having a twin sister who knew him so well. Sorry, he said, when he reached the kitchen, “I thought I had more time.” He sat to his father’s right, on the long side of the table. Deana and Gloria were seated across from him and his mom, Candy was to his right, at the opposite end from his dad.

It was a stupid game she was playing, but it made her feel better. For the next ten minutes, Candy watched Zachary install software and hook something to the back of John’s computer. The rest of the time it just shows the picture.” “Great,” she said. “Deana,” he said, sorry that he had gotten in this conversation, “you have a dirty mind.” “Me? Rebecca was his favorite of the three tumblers, and he was pretty sure she wanted him to see her panties when she got out of the back seat. His father, dug his fork into a mountain of baked zitti and everyone else started eating.

POTENTIAL Part 1 Candy Damiani, glanced at the clock while her fingers strummed a nervous rhythm on the table. He lifted them and turned to face the wall length mirror over the counter. His balls rolled in their sack, then drew up, tight and ready to shoot, but he demanded they wait. He opened his eyes and stared at his erection as it jerked and filled to capacity. He put Deana’s underwear in front of the streams of cum and let the material soak up his orgasm. It wasn’t like she was spying on him, or watching, she just knew. She closed her bedroom door and blew-out a long breath.Although people told me about events, they could not fully transfer their thoughts, feelings and emotions to me, so I did my best, based on my own experience, to portray them.

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