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Fundamental Bible believers are sound in doctrine, as are many Baptists and Bible Church groups and Pentecostals, as to the fundamental doctrines of the faith.

If you think you have everything in common with them because of their Doctrinal Statement, you are a fool, for much evil may be found if you dig a bit more.

They deceive the neophyte and the weak minded saints, and they think it is cute.

You can talk for a long time with a Mormon about Jesus, and they will let you, and they will agree.

It is time to learn of the devices of Satan in the cults so that we don't use them.

The following marks of a cult are not from some book or expert I know.

The Body of Christ at large, the true Church, be damned.

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Please believe me when I say that I am not mad at you-- I just believe we all need to get a little more common with one another and stay away from these cultic notions.

There is only ONE Church, and it is the universal Body of Christ which is known only to him.