Noel fielding who is he dating

14-Apr-2019 08:17

When this was filmed in the summer, the contestants wouldn’t have known that it would air on Halloween, but they all looked suitably spooked to be there, particularly three-time star baker Steven Carter-Bailey.

He might have some suspiciously professional-looking bakes on his Instagram account, but he looked nervous as hell.

The technical challenge sorts the wheat from the chaff though, with a pastel de nata bake that makes me seriously consider making a late-night run to a 24-hour bakery. The anxiety levels, however, are dampened by a return to the “food history” segment – a lovely piece of nonsense I used to enjoy in the BBC days as it provided an opportunity to grab a drink, use the facilities or generally catch up with housemates/partners/hangers on.

Now I find it a touch unnecessary, what with the relentless and long-winded ad breaks served up by Channel 4 at every turn.

On the other end of the spectrum, Kate’s are deemed “boring”, Julia’s “overbaked” and Yan’s “a mess” (turns out science can’t predict pie perfection after all). Oh yes, definitely.” Things can go wrong “from the very beginning,” according to Paul. It’s amazing the tension that can be created by seven people in a tent putting butter shavings onto pastry and diligently folding it.

Things had gone without too much of a hitch, bar a minor furore when Fielding got into a fridge.“I’m gonna get out of here, it’s getting really weird,” Paul says, putting into words what we’re all thinking.