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Sami and Rafe did not get to see the Di Meras go to jail, but E. They were happy to attend the dedication of the new Horton Town Square together. had a recording of Nicole confessing that Rafe was never the father and the child was E. Sami was furious and broke up with Rafe on the spot. Sami was the one who told Rafe and helped him through the troubling news. But, on the day of the wedding Chad announced that Nick was not the father of Gabi's baby. Sami was furious with Gabi for scheming to keep a Brady away from the Brady family and yelled at Gabi. Sami tried to reach out to Rafe for the good of the baby, but Rafe was worried that Sami was still after his sister, and was plotting to encourage Will to sue for full custody of the baby. Worried about his sister and still upset about Sami and E. He ran into an equally as drunk Kate and the two ended up in bed together.

Sami was thrilled to see Carrie, Austin, Marlena, and John show up at the dedication as well. Little did Sami or Rafe know that Sami's son, Will, was the father of Gabi's baby. Everyone assumed that Nick was the father of the baby. When Rafe heard the way that Sami was yelling at his sister, Rafe broke things off with Sami and accused Will of abandoning Gabi. The two continued to sleep together regularlly, but didn't tell anyone about their relationship. He told Will and the news trickled out to a few people at a time.

Anna sent Sami ransom notes and instructed Sami not to involve the police. Nicole stopped things just short of sleeping together, but asked Rafe to stay the night anyway. Slowly, Rafe regained his strength and escaped from the institution.

Just as they were about to get his official statement, Arnold was attacked and killed by fellow prisoners in the holding cell who mistook him for Rafe. Rafe and Sami settled into a happy life with the kids and put their marriage back together. She was with his sister, Gabi, when Gabi found out that Gabi was pregnant.

He snuck DNA samples from Sydney and Sami and had them analyzed. Instead of talking to him, she found him passed out and holding a gun. Despite his dedication to the law, Rafe quit the FBI and swore to protect Sami at all costs. A short time later, it was revealed that Johnnys cancer had spread to his remaining eye, but, luckily, it was caught in time and his sight was spared. The imposter was a small-time criminal, Arnold Finegan. Arnold went so far as to sleep with another woman, so Sami would think that Rafe was cheating on her.

When he learned that they were a match, he told Sami what Nicole had done. Sami and Rafe's reunion with Sydney was short lived. Thanks to Victor, Rafe learned that the best way to get Nicole to trust him was to convince her that he was interested in her. The two spent the night together and Rafe proposed to Sami. However, what Rafe didn't know was that Sami snuck out of his apartment in the middle of the night to go confront E. She shot him in the head and threw the gun into the river. He was even given the suggestion that they rush their marriage so that he wouldnt have to testify against her in court should she be arrested. Arnold's job was to break up Sami and Rafe's marriage and make sure that Johnny and Sydney knew that E. Eventually, Sami decided to take a break from Rafe.

4B in Salem Formerly handicap accessible apartment in Salem Formerly somewhere in Salem Formerly Sami's penthouse Formerly somewhere in Salem Formerly in a police safe house (presumably somewhere in Salem) Formerly in Virginia (while training to be an FBI agent) Formerly somewhere in west Salem (spent some time at the Convent of the Holy Cross Orphanage) Eduardo Hernandez (father) Arianna Hernandez (sister; deceased) Dario Hernandez (brother) Gabriella Hernandez (sister) Paige Larson (paternal half-sister; deceased) Arianna Grace Horton (niece) Rafe speaks to his mom on the phone, but Ms. Emily Hudson (engaged; deceased) Sami Brady (dated/engaged) Nicole Walker (he seduced her to gain access to her apartment) Carrie Brady (dated/affair) Kate Roberts (lovers) Jordan Ridgeway (dated/lovers) Custodial interference- Forged Grace's birth certificates and adoption records so that no one would know that Sami gave birth to Grace (January 2009) Assaulted Dr.

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Baker's lawyer at gun point (July 2009) Stole Nicole's cell phone (August 2009) Blackmailed Caliope into wearing a wire to try to get a confession out of Anna (May 2010) Obstruction of Justice; provided false information to police pertaining to E.

Rafe continued to investigate Sydney's kidnapping, as he was not convinced that Anna was working alone. After a face off with Arnold, Sami realized who the real Rafe was and helped him tie up Arnold and lock him in the bathroom.