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Unfortunately he never published his eel experiment though he did win the Copley medal in 17 for his work. After the attending apothecary had declared that nothing could be done for the child Mr Squires, "with the consent of the parents very humanely tried the effects of electricity.

"With a shock to the head, the animal was rendered lifeless, and arose with a second shock to the chest; however, after the experiment was repeated rather often, the hen was completely stunned, walked with some difficulty, and did not eat for a day and night; then later it was very well and even laid an egg." Abildgaard, Peter Christian. On 20th September 1786 he wrote "I had dissected and prepared a frog in the usual way and while I was attending to something else I laid it on a table on which stood an electrical machine at some distance from its conductor and separated from it by a considerable space.

Now when one of the persons present touched accidentally and lightly the inner crural nerves of the frog with the point of a scalpel, all the muscles of the legs seemed to contract again and again as if they were affected by powerful cramps." He later showed that direct contact with the electrical generator or the ground through an electrical conductor would lead to a muscle contraction.

Galvani also used brass hooks that attached to the frog's spinal cord and were suspended from an iron railing in a part of his garden.

On removing the brain all movement stopped (which would be in keeping with Descarte's theory) but then, when the frog was dissected and a severed nerve end stimulated with a scalpel the muscles twitched.

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This proved that movement of a muscle could occur without any connection to the brain and therefore the transmission of 'animal spirits' was not necessary.

[On the Magnet, Magnetic Bodies, and the Great Magnet of the Earth] 1600Sir Thomas Browne, Physician, whilst writing to dispel popular ignorance in many matters, is the first to use the word 'electricity'.

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