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This experience led to the later FVA/DFV contract to be drawn where the responsibility of development rested with Cosworth, and the manufacturing right and responsibility rested with Ford.

There also were some specially cast iron heads with similar dimensions to these brazed heads with Titanium alloy valve spring retainers called the 'Screamer Head' for MAE in later years.

In September, 2004 Ford announced that it was selling Cosworth and Pi Research, along with Cosworth Racing Ltd, and its Jaguar Formula One team.

On 15 November 2004, the sale of Cosworth was completed, to Champ Car World Series owners Gerald Forsythe and Kevin Kalkhoven, the current Cosworth Group.

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XVI, and upon proving its superior power against the Mundy-designed 2 valve crossflow DOHC head, it acted as the benchmark for the development of FVA to measure the benefits and shortcomings of a four valve crossflow DOHC design.

Cylinder head to block sealing was by a head gasket incorporating Cooper Rings.