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02-Jun-2019 16:21

He has a wide range of types and seems down for men as well, but his talent means that he naturally is in charge of the school kitchens. The Ultimate Cook with a passion for sex equal or greater than his zeal for food.She has no confidence in herself, and her overly valiant nature is her downfall, making her seem suspicious. A clumsy girl who often falls down, she has injuries all over her body.The Ultimate Swordswoman, so skilled that its said no one can match her.The Ultimate Team Manager who has managed various sports teams.With his help, any puny school can become champion at the national level. My classmates..someone to stand up and protect them! Has a crush on Sonia, but she refuses to humor him.

The Ultimate Breeder who's able to tame any animal, he has been successful in breeding endangered species.As the number one investigative reporter at the number one station in the market, she is used to breaking the big story.This time however, Scarlett might have gotten in over her head.She has a taciturn personality and does not engage her classmates, but appears reliable. Due to lacking any distinguishing talents, these students are assigned to the Reserve Course Department, a department designed to to get money from students who still hoped to earn an education due to the reputation of the School.

Even when there is no club practice, she always carries her shinai sword with her. From left to right: Karen Kisaragi, Soshun Murasame, Kotomi Ikuta, Sousuke Ichino, Shouji Yokoo, Suzuko Kashiki, Ryouta Someya, Kiriko Nishizawa, Tsubasa Kamii, Tarou Kurosaki, Daiki Kubo, Aiko Umesawa, Asukasei Hino, and Tomohiko Gouryoku., the other members are Suzuko Kashiki, Kiriko Nishizawa, Taiki Kubou, Shouji Yokoo, Aiko Umesawa, Shousuke Ichino, Tsubasa Kamii, Tarou Kurosaki, Tomohiko Gouryoku, Asukasei Hino, Karen Kisaragi, Ryouta Someya and Kotomi Ikuta.Because in her home country her duties as princess prevented her from having friends her own age, she is enjoying her current school life.

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