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13-Jul-2019 01:28

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It is automated, but it is still clever and fun to use!This is one of the more well-known websites for chatting with Santa.Elf Chat ( Children can chat with an elf at this site. It has a simple, fun design that is easy for kids to use.Note: The area to type in may be too low on your screen depending on your computer settings.Parents should always use online Santa chats to be sure the content is in line with family values before letting kids online!Most of these sites are done using “bots” or automated chatting scripts.

Most well-known is Lagunitas, the birthplace of the popular Lagunitas brewery, which has hints of hippie roots. He loves to talk about presents, reindeer, elves, cookies, and, of course, Christmas Eve. You can tell him what you want for Christmas, ask for Santa’s mailing address, his email, his favorite food, or anything else you want to know!