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Denavir is a topical medication used to treat sores on the face.When applied every 2 hours, it has been proven to heal sores in as little as 4.5 days.Daily suppressive therapy helps patients have fewer outbreaks throughout the year.Since there are fewer viral cells on your skin, suppressive therapy also makes it less likely that you will transmit the disease to others, though it’s still possible. • Flu-like symptoms, including headache, fever, and muscle soreness. After infection, symptoms may appear in a few days, a few weeks, a few years, or not at all.When people do experience an outbreak, they will often see the following symptoms: • Burning, soreness, and itching in the genitals. If you have an outbreak, be sure to avoid all sexual contact, including oral, vaginal, and anal sex.When having sex between outbreaks, make sure that your partners understand the risks.Outbreaks can be triggered by several factors, including: • Friction that occurs during sexual intercourse. Very severe infections can be treated with an intravenous form of acyclovir.

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The infection can cause painful sores, itching and burning.

All three of these drugs are taken for 7-10 days after diagnosis.

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