Kenya dating pot

02-Mar-2019 14:34

Gopal, an outgoing Asian man says Indian men have no qualms about dating and even marrying African women. It’s like all old-school parents who want their children to be doctors and engineers, not DJs.

So our parents also don’t want our sisters to associate with African men, not because they hate them, but because they don’t understand the African culture.” But would he let this writer marry his sister? “I might allow my daughters to marry an African man, but not my sisters,” he justifies this by saying that his sisters have led a sheltered life and the contrast between the Asian and African lifestyles is so sharp, they might not adapt.

Here and elsewhere, they’re the bearings that wheel national economies.

Their wealth is one reason Kenyans believe they (Asians) frown on intermarrying Africans. Asians just aren’t exposed to African culture and they don’t want to go for the unknown.

It’s all about getting the best partner for our sons and daughters, since marriage is a lifetime commitment,” says Sudhir.

Beneath this cloak of prejudice, many love affairs blossom and marriages are consummated, albeit far away from the public eye.

“The caste system is about upholding spiritual purity.

You can do so by wedding someone who follows the same eating and other spiritual rituals as you.

The racial and cultural divide between Kenyan Asians and Africans is so blunt that those who dare sharpen it with love brewed in an African pot via marriage face hostility and isolation.Kisumu East Member of Parliament Shakeel Shabbir is a Dholuo-speaking Asian married to a Luhya.He reckons there are many sexually frustrated Indian women in Kisumu.His father moved to Kisumu in 1957 and built a house in Nyalenda. There were no Asian relatives, all our neighbours were Luo.

I grew up amongst them, eating their food, learning their language and visiting their ‘ushago’.

“This is because their fathers have locked them in the house and they don’t interact with men,” says Shabbir, adding that this prompts Indian girls to turn to their drivers, houseboys or gardeners to satisfy their sexual desires. The girl then gets pregnant and her parents force her to abort.