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If possible, maybe some sexy sounding ladies could be used to narrate the dialogue. they had 5 chicks, loooong game, and the questions were kinda cool though next time i wish they wouldnt make them so tedious...... If the stories were a bit more in depth that would be nice. A very classic Mn F game, straight to the goal, the plot is a funny alibi and you will see the twist (supposedly coming from very far). Great animation, great stories, great girls, I really liked this game and don`t think there was anything about it which needed to be changed. The scene with Michelle in France..was a different perspective! Also, to my ear, the music and sound effects seem to be the same in every game.all in all an awesome game with smokin hot chicks I liked the variety of girls, and the questions were good -- not too challenging, but fun. There is no way to do something wrong, funny to answer to very easy questions to go through it all and the sex scenes offer a certain variety (nothing innovating still rather say it). They really went a great length in this game to make it really good. if this is the case, some new ones should be added.Here, you’ll find some lovely Spanish girls with bubble butts and even a few American babes with full butt cheeks.The models may have different looks, but they do have something in common and that is their love of anal sex.Also, to my ear, the music and sound effects seem to be the same in every game. i like the graphic upgrades overall great game Another great entry into the Mn F series of games. The usual Meet and Fuck game - which means it is entertaining, but could be better.if this is the case, some new ones should be added. Maybe the opportunity to fail should be given - make the game more of a challenge. The usual Meet and Fuck game which means it is entertaining :), but it could be better. (About as disappointed as one could get from playing a video game). It was written by Laurie Shrage, a women’s studies professor in Florida and it’s like she took the words right out of my brain.

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Females are taking the wheel and doing their own version of Fake Taxi.

Which is why I’m excerpting what is sure to be a controversial post that recently ran in the New York Times.

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