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She was just incomprehensibly bad as an anchor for a real news show, as opposed to the ET/Access Hollywood types. She redefines clueless for anchors, and seems stiff and wooden. An addendum for Kerri-Lee Halkett fans: Her name appears on several lists on, some of them of interest to male news junkies. Use the internal search feature to find the lists, but be aware that the search does not accommodate misspellings like Google. Quite a few others; I see them regularly as reporters on the network prime time news and say, oh yeah, he/she used to be on WNN or Up to the Minute. Campbell Brown is disappointed, u can tell she expected the position ! leave-best wishes...always looked great..seldom did a full shoot....shame.....! (keep it clean,profesh boys ) Francis R did he same as well….nice….!

How Channel 7 pulls in ratings with her and that flamer Randy Price is beyond me. I can't belleve they panicked and extended Price's contract after HArvey Leonard jumped ship. If you misspell, or the list item is misspelled, you won't find the item. Apparently it's a good path for promotion at the networks these days. I emailed her .her she should replace Caterina B..wrote back...soooo friendly. On a 'higher' level, lol, I was disappointed that Meredith Viera got Katie's spot!!! ANY NEW NEWS BABES are always welcome but, aside from Sara Underwood, Francis Riviera,the FOX25 girls-sans babe Molly Line.... 7 now who will win the anchor spot-Christa or Francis? ( a babe in boots = a 10 ) CHANNEL7, FOX 25 ARE ON THE MARK…I welcome any of the new ladies to the air around here…well worth the watch & a hopefully-get-to-meet-em ! The woman is a role model for all, and I look forward to meeting her some day, as well.

As a kid, it was 9p bedtime, no later, except New Years eve. I loved a couple of weeks ago when Bob Lobel congratulated Sara on her pregnancy. She was doing a story a couple of years ago about the Boston Duck Tours moving their dock from one site to another for some reason, I think related to the never-ending Big Dig project.

She put her head down, turned red and looked REALLY embarrassed! These tourist boats are that amphibious type that look like a trolley and can go from the street into the water.

It's astonishing how many prominent news people have come out of that overnight format in recent years. I think the news camera should focus more on Maria's legs! Sombody should make a website with pictures of her legs. So far Dale has the most tasteful comments (although mostly agreeing with others) regarding the beautiful and talented Maria Stephanos. Isn't her husband is very successful and very wealthy?? Even the women on the morning newscast have been catching my eye (Anquinnete Jamison, Cindy Fitzgibbon). For crying out loud, her black thong was hanging out in one of them as she bent down to fix a cabinet door! Plus, you talk about Bianca’s thong slip but during one of Sorboni’s Big Dig reports, her Victoria’s Secret frilly waist band was clearly visible about her pants. Nor will fellow co-workers get more than an eyeful at any company paaahhhddy. Stephanos will get the pleasure of Maria dusting off the black boots (and perhaps that’s all). anything/thoughts pertaining to “creepy” labelling may as well bring back the witch trials for all people…wrongfully labelled/accused…would be rime against us all & to live with that scurge is unthinkable… This would probably be a good study of harmless banter as would the observance of fan devotion to sports,sports figures,movie stars,etc. Why didn’t you add “back when we were kids we didn’t have computers…yada yada yada..” Oh well. She immediately blushed and started to giggle with embarrassment.Aaron Brown and Thalia Assuras were a team for a while. Please keep in mind that she is happily married with 2 kids. Caterina Bandini will be sorely missed but I can't wait to see more of Frances Riviera. Chicage Windler has the 50-housewife look and could not be more irritating but she's classy. Sure, Bianca may embarrass gerself all the time but major bonus points for the accidental visible underwear! and the evidence & reasons behind such & if there is a commom thread of coroborating bearance to all…Not to mention the obsessive /compusliveness of wasting time/abuse of technology for which people have become too dependant upon,almost addicted to worse than drugs…increase of laziness,lack of mental exercise. She said “ooh…excuse me” vefore continuing her report. Anway, as some posts have been about news babes’ on air blush moments.We are all envious of her husband (what is his name again? Not only is he married to a great person but an accomplished artist in his own right. Reading these comments I must say hmmmmm seems like Dale/Andreas are friends of Maria? Maria: This woman truly gets better with age! though I am typing this, I highly recommend that people just turn off the t.v./ipod/computer & get out in the frersh air for a few hours a day…go talk to people in person…write letters…Do not type or e-mail…. “Hot for Teacher” is an outstanding Van Halen song but this is more about Maria (who is not a teacher). The thing is, her story was about services fro Gerald Ford so the giggling didn’t lead in very well. I realize she is not a local news girl but CNBC’s Bianna Golodryga says she wishes she could be a “7 girl” and she had one of the better red-faced moments a short while back. ” Again they all laughed and Bianna said “wow this is totally embarrassing…now I’m all flustered. Anyway, here today’s reports…” After she did her biz reports, she kicked it back to the anchors where Christa said something like “a rather embarrassed Bianna today.” Bianna laughed adn she was wearing a red shirt so the guy anchor said “At least your face matches your shirt, Bianna” and Bianna said, “I know, you guys are making blush here! As a kid, I don’t remember having a set bedtime, though around fifth or sixth grade I think I generally went to bed at or 9, depending on what TV shows were on that night. On weekends, I’ll find the “old me” really wanting to stay up and watch a movie, but the “new me” needing to put head-to-pillow before midnight.

need to get some beauty rest.” Actually, it’s not, but it’s a good lead-in for today’s Ping. Sure, I’m up at am on a work night writing this, but there are times I can climb into bed at 9pm and sleep until the next morning, something unheard of during my college years.I figure I might as well seize the opportunity before I have any important weekend responsibilities like pets or kids. -ram These past few days, I've been staying up until between and 5 and getting up past noon. Kerri-Lee Halkett is a Canadian which is something I recently learned. Starting out as a club DJ when I was 16, it meant a lot of nights up, and a lot of sleeping through the day.