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16-Mar-2019 02:50

As a port city, Surabaya became famous for its massive red light district named Dolly, which, at its height, was home to more than 15,000 women– a huge number by any measure.

More meaningful relationships can be made in the city’s cafes, shopping plazas, nightclubs etc, where you can meet all types of women ranging from vivacious university students to shop assistants, office workers and even bored housewives. As in many large cities, people tend to be busy and anonymity takes hold.

Winona says: No expat or traveler I knew dated locals in the Yogyakarta area.

Local Muslim men are usually only interested in hookups and I didn’t get to know enough Christian men to learn anything about their dating culture.

Feminine Hygienic Products Anna says: It’s difficult but not impossible to find tampons in larger cities.

Check out pharmacy chains like Guardian and Century.

Probably best to bring a large supply if you’re on the pill. Supposedly birth control is only legal if you’re married.

There is an icky history of somewhat exploitative white man-Asian woman relationships throughout Asia (basically, prostitution and the like), so your race and the race of your male friends and boyfriends can definitely impact how other people view and treat you.Birth Control Anna says: Condoms are available everywhere at supermarkets and convenience stores (there are durian-flavored ones if you’re feeling adventurous).I’ve heard, through expat forums, that birth control pills are available even over-the-counter in pharmacies, but I wouldn’t bet on it, especially for unmarried women.Watch out though for the cewek matre (material girls): they can empty your wallet as quickly as a piranha can devour a buffalo!

Don’t be fooled by its melodious name: Surabaya is a hot and dirty industrial hub on Java’s north east coast. That being said, it’s totally possible to date locals, as long as you keep more conservative local customs in mind.

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