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Phil is the father of two beautiful girls and is the Dad behind Modern Dad.

Before that he spent seven years at the helm of Android Central.

Our aim is to enable high functionality bionics for treating health conditions to be easily and cheaply developed & delivered to patients. Farms use cowlar's alerts & recommendations to improve dairy margins by 30%. We are Io T & machine learning experts solving a real problem for dairy farms.

Hogaru provides professional cleaning services to millions of small and medium sized businesses in Latin America.

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Provides personalized recommendations for home improvements that save money on utility bills.We write articles at 7 different reading levels, serve them to every student in a classroom at their independent reading level, and fluidly adapt the level students receive as they improve. Enables retailers to offer upgrade plans and financing on devices.Outside the US, in Europe & Asia retailers sell more devices than telcos.Validere makes a handheld device that provides instant testing of liquid products to large industries.

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Validere brings lab testing to the field by replacing the need for trained technicians to conduct analytical testing. We're a B2B marketplace for the animal health supply chain.

We're building a community of donors who put outcomes first and give with the head as well as the heart.