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Barriers work by blocking many viruses, bacteria, and other infectious particles.

Male latex condoms are the most common barrier used for safe sex.

It will also protect you against other strains of HIV, which might not respond well to medication.

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Safe sex can actually enhance your sex life by increasing communication and trust between you and your sexual partners.The fever, if it occurs at all, is often accompanied by other usually mild symptoms, such as fatigue, swollen lymph glands, and a sore throat."At this point the virus is moving into the blood stream and starting to replicate in large numbers," says Carlos Malvestutto, MD, instructor of infectious diseases and immunology in the department of medicine at NYU School of Medicine in New York City.Safe sex also means taking precautions if you have cuts, sores, or bleeding gums; these can increase the risk of spreading HIV.

Safe sex is protected sex during each and every sexual encounter.

Many of them are located in your armpit, groin, and neck.

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