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06-Jun-2019 08:22

“But hormonal influences can cause body formation for which an intersex person may opt for surgical intervention, if they so wish.” Although Uganda is much further ahead in supporting intersex people than any other country in the region, and has passed some progressive legislation, this still falls short, says the charity.

They soon plan to petition Parliament, calling for legislation to allow intersex people to easily obtain or change documentation if there has been a change of assigned sex, among other measures.

He says that “bodies and sexuality are such private topics in many societies, mainly due to moral and religious traditions”.

In Uganda, “many are not free to speak about the development of their atypical bodies, especially if they have been tampered with through invasive surgeries and other traumatic medical processes”, says Kaggwa.

“They’ve taught me that no matter what happens you have to love yourself, you have to be you,” says Gloria. “Most people who know about your problem tell you, ‘you are gay’,” says Gloria.

She has never had a boyfriend because she fears getting close to a man, and says, “I feel sad because I would like to get married”. She has been told this is possible if she has surgery, something she hasn’t given up on.

He is an intersex person and the executive director of Support Initiative for People With Atypical Sex Development (SIPD Uganda), a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which has been trying to create awareness about intersexuality since 2006.

It is unknown how many in the east African country are intersex, says Kaggwa, although SIPD assist over 1,400 people across Uganda.

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“They were so surprised they didn’t know what to say, they didn’t know what they were seeing.” Gloria, who was born with a very small uterus, is intersex.

SIPD stress that an intersex individual should be able to make an informed decision on whether they need surgery.

“Not every intersex person has to have surgery, because some manifestations of intersexuality are at the hormonal level and may not necessarily require it,” says Kaggwa.

“In the dormitory I hated myself,” Gloria, who has always worn dresses and played netball, recalls of her experiences attending a girls’ boarding school.

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