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27-Jun-2019 00:42

One thing that occurred to me was training as I had no idea if King was trained or not, but by the way he took to me, I am guessing that he was.This needed to be my next task, if I found a dog that was untrained, then how would I train him to perform?And away for a while, not just down the pub for the evening, as I knew from experience that these things can take time.This is getting annoying, I want to do this, no I NEED to do this, but unless the damned planets align, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.No way was I going to allow someone else to hold this over me, again, and quite frankly, the biggest thrill about this time around, is that this was something that I’m was doing exclusively for myself. At home would seem logical, as our house is secure, the entrance way protected by electric gates, and reasonably isolated.Set back far enough on the large lot, none of the nosy neighbours could easily see into the windows from the road, although, the large back garden was definitely out.

Clicking open the password protected file, I reviewed my notes from the various conversations I have had while researching this objective.For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am one of those people who once they set their mind to something, will do whatever it requires to achieve it. The rudimentary outline of a plan has started to come together, and I figured I needed three things to fall in line, to allow me to achieve my goal. There were plenty of offers around online, but caution dictated that this would have to be something I did alone.