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I do notice that it tends to itch a little bit more in the lower half of my body. Lie there and let it get at bad as it can, and then think of something else. Mine are piercing at times like something is biting, but I know it is not. I used to itch every night till I found out it was the air conditioner ducts. They have spun fiberglass in the walls of the duct to keep them cool. My skin is more sensitive to the mites than other people in my family. Its dust mites that feeds on dead skin on our body which cannot be fully removed even after shower.

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Going to bed to sleep-is something I dread anymore! Maybe eat cleaner-spray with vinegar after a shower-take Nyquil,,,need some deep sleep--it's suppose to repair your tissues and body....... The root to my problem is low thread count bed sheet. The root to my problem is low thread count bed sheet. To test it just shower, wash face before bed and sleep in either a completely new bed and pillow or something like I did, a mat. It takes a while to get proficient I get the itchiness in the summer.

That's why I'm scratchy every time I lie down on the bed. That's why I'm scratchy every time I lie down on the bed. It wasn't comfortable for me but no itch at all. Started last summer, I was sitting outside on the phone and felt like something bit my arm, it hurt and itched. On the arm, for at least 3 months, comes back occasionally.Try it out now for free and have great time chatting with us and see you in there! If you are under the age of 18, please leave this site now!