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15-Mar-2019 23:49

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We had contests with cash prizes in fiction, nonfiction and poetry.Below are the winners of the Bobbi La Chance Bubier Romance Contest and the Congratulations to the winning authors.It is important to spell check and proofread all entries.Previously published material and simultaneous submissions are permitted provided you own the copyright to the work.The In 1970, over the Thanksgiving holiday, Curtis and I became engaged.Curt was the first young man I had dated that understood my need to be independent and make my own choices.Writers with disabilities may submit up to three selections per issue.

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See “The Writers’ Climb” for details about our next contest, again with cash prizes.Thanks to Abbie Johnson Taylor and her committee members: Marilyn Brandt Smith, Lillian Way, Valerie Moreno, and Cleora Boyd for all of your hard work.