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12-Mar-2019 07:17

“False flag,” said another, and then another, and another.That same night, the term was replicating across 4chan’s /pol/ message board — a sort of online cauldron in which many of the Internet’s rumors, memes and hoaxes are formed.So, of course, the name was resurrected Sunday — not that Gonzalez knew anything about it when news stations invited him to speak about the tragedy in Sutherland Springs.“Congressman Gonzalez does not follow memes, Internet sensations, or twitter trends and was unaware that this name is a viral Internet hoax that has been connected to mass shootings in the past,” his press secretary, Aryn Fields, wrote in a statement to The Washington Post.After being interviewed on the TV station, Fields wrote, Gonzalez immediately phoned in to CNN. “It was reported to me he’s actually not from this community,” Gonzalez said. That was the name I was given.” This caused a brief flurry, as it appeared to be the first confirmation of the killer’s name.

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Watching them take life on Sunday, she wrote to The Post, has nearly brought her to despair.One wondered aloud if a victim who had been declared dead by officials that day actually still lived.