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Eli, having started writing, tells Clare that he can do the interview about the play with her now.

At The Dot Imogen and Eli celebrate his (supposed) getting over Clare.

Eli confirms that Imogen still has the pills with her and they walk off. When asked about how he feels, Eli replies that he feels panicky, sweaty, and shaky and that if he stays at Degrassi he'll need those pills. Eli, annoyed wants to go home as they have been wandering the streets for hours. Eli explains that writing was something he and Clare shared and now that they're broken up, he's broken. When Imogen walks out of a store dressed like Clare, she tells him that they're going to be role playing, so he can get things off his chest.

She suggests flashcards and word association to get his brain going. Imogen asks how he is still in love with her when she hurt him so badly. Imogen tries to help Eli regain his emotions by pretending to be Clare and says things to make him get over Clare.

Eli tells Adam he never hit her and Adam replies that Imogen is psycho.

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In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1), Eli is trying to write the script for the school play, but gets frustrated and breaks the computer monitor.

In Eli: Dorm Life, Eli meets and befriends Lenore the first day of university. try to help Eli get over Clare through a night of drinking and games.

They become roommates for a short period of time, but they move out after they end up kissing one night. However, later, Lenore confesses to Eli that she is in love with him, and he almost kisses her, before a call from Clare stops him.

In Black Or White, she calls Eli while he is on his date with Clare, and Clare finds her cigarettes in his bag.

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Later, Eli admits to cheating on Clare with Lenore once because he missed Clare.Imogen walks up and Eli walks away with her calling her "Imo", and as they are walking away, he discards his pills and throws away the vial.

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