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Widgets are little snippets of code, commonly powered by Javascript, that you can copy and paste into your site.In Drupal it’s easy to incorporate such widgets by creating custom blocks for them.Generator and consumer RSS solutions are widely available in pretty much any programming language or web framework out there.Drupal is no exception with support built directly into Drupal core, and Views has its own display plugin for more selective RSS feed generation.Documentation is available on the Views RSS project page, but the short and sweet version is simply this: the module exposes everything needed to do so via the Drupal hook system (list pulled from the Views RSS documentation): Hooks for defining new namespaces, Implementing these hooks is very straightforward.I’ll provide examples for a basic hypothetical module, views_rss_example, that adds a namespace, single channel element, and single item element.

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Similarly, unless you are trying to extend the Views RSS configuration beyond simply adding elements and namespaces, there is rarely a need to implement the hook_views_rss_options_form_X () hooks.

Twitter makes a number of widgets that you can simply customise and download.

At the time of writing there are four different types available from their site at Let’s assume you are going to use the profile widget for your own account.

You may want to ask a web designer for help to get the ideal dimensions and colour settings to fit with your site.

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Once you are happy with the widget, press the “Finish and Grab Code” button to obtain the code for the widget.

First, you add the new namespace to the Views RSS framework: Presto!