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weekends, and the dumplings with ginger sauce are addictive.The chow fun, sweet barbecued spare ribs, and house Peking duck are also solid.Shiao Lan Kung One of my longtime Cantonese favorites, this timeworn little room has slipped a notch in recent years.Still, it remains a good late-night bet for excellent salt-baked seafood, orange beef, and what may still be my go-to bowl of punchy hot-and-sour soup.The shop quickly established itself as a mecca for those with an eye for fresh and fun fashion.The devoted followers that grew from this has pushed the IT rides on a unique multi-brand, multi-layer business model that only proves to success: a multi-channel approach that caters specifically to well-defined groups of fashion lovers in targeted regions with distinct multi-brand stores and single-brand shops.New and unknown brands alike are nurtured by IT and are given the opportunity to test the water in new markets.

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It all began in 1988 with a small 200 square-foot shop featuring brands that were not readily available elsewhere in Hong Kong.She comes to Tai Jiang (the restaurant's Chinese name) whenever she visits Chinatown, because it reminds her of Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province. With just one serendipitous encounter, a veil of mystery had been pulled back from yet another delectable corner of Chinatown.But after 15-plus years of munching from one end of this neighborhood to the other, I've come to think its undiscovered treasures are in endless supply and variation.At our memorable Hong Kong-style meal, a writhing eel went from a tank to our table within minutes, tenderly tossed in XO sauce and sugar snap peas.

Live shrimp were simply boiled and sweet as sea candy. As Chinatown's offerings continue to grow with exciting new regional variations, I take comfort in knowing I'll never exhaust all its secrets.

Or the fact that this storefront is so small it looks like an annex wedged behind Empress Garden next door. "I'll order for you," she said, looking up from her oxtail noodles to offer the stool on the other side of her tiny table.