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Game FAQs Presents A mslpanthers Creation A Full-Length Guide for Sprung on The Nintendo DS Guide Creator: mslpanthers Date Created: 01/10/05 Last Updated: 01/31/05 Version: .93 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You Can Always Find the Latest version of this guide at These following sites are the only sites currently allowed to host my guides: [ FAQs] [ Spot] [ FAQs] [ [ Little Helper] [ Gamers] [ Please contact me at [email protected] you find a site hosting this FAQ and is not on this list. -Finished "Motivational Speakers" of Becky's story. -22KB Increase -Biggest Update Yet because I have to flu and I have to stay home. Version .90 01/25/05 -Back To work it looks like -Finished The bonus of Becky's Story. Version .83 01/21/05 -Finished "The Sketchy Ex Boyfriend" Of Becky's story. I still can't believe your boyfriend, of two years, cheated on you.

=============================================================================== UPDATE HISTORY =============================================================================== Version .94 02/01/05 -New Month, More Work -Finished "Becky's Cine-dream! Version .93 01/31/05 -Finished "A Snowbird Shopping Spree" of Becky's story. Version .92 01/29/05 -Finished "Southern Comfort" of Becky's Story. Version .76 01/19/05 Hands still in much pain lol ^_^ -Finished a level of Brett's story. And as if that's not bad enough, you had to walk in on it.

People get pretty crazy in places like this, so yo may have to do some meditation and relationship- fixing.

Not just your old friends like me, Brett and Kiki - but any new ones you make while you're here.

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For this awesome game, and that one FAQ was not enough to fit my need. 2) Does being your best friend mean I get to get it on with all your friends?

By the time I'm done, they'll rename this mountain after me.

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