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These amplifiers really bring out the best of the Wurlitzer’s tone with a lower noise floor and much more clarity in the lows and mids.The lows sound tremendous through the 214A speaker base!Wurlitzer piano lines are manufactured under the names Apollo, De Kalb, Julius Bauer, Melville Clark, Student Butterfly Clavichord, Farney, Kingston, Kurtzmann, Merriam, Schaff Bros. Here’s the latest Custom Shop Wurlitzer restoration from our workshop.Additional features of this piano resembles that of the modern electronic instruments of today. Baldwin appointed Young Chang to build Wurlitzer grands, until about 1996, when production was moved to Samick. A console model of the electronic piano was introduced in 1957 which met with immediate popularity.

These models are usually picked up in near-mint condition since they spend most of their life in a University or school.And all action assembly springs and felts were replaced before regulation in order to get this thing playing at full dynamic potential!