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17-Jul-2019 02:18

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Women do not have a voice in the marriage contract, but rather the agreement is made between the woman’s guardian (father or a male relative) and the groom.In a recent survey conducted for the Status of Women in the Middle East and North Africa Project, a sizable proportion of women (60%) and men (57%) felt that parents should choose their daughter’s marriage partner, as they have their children’s best interests at heart.Men are able to repudiate (divorce unilaterally) their wives, while women can only obtain a divorce under a limited range of circumstances (e.g.desertion, impotence, failing to meet his financial obligations).The proposals under the subheading “child marriage” put forth a minimum age for both genders of 18.Early marriage is considered to be a particularly serious issue in Yemen, where according to the most recent data available, 12% of women were married by the age of 15, 32% before the age of 18; 17.2% of 15-19 year old women were married or in a union.

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According to the law, without a confession, the victim must provide at least four male witnesses to the crime.

Sharia law provides for detailed and complex calculations of inheritance shares.

A woman may inherit from her father, mother, husband or children, and under certain conditions, from other family members.

However, her share is generally smaller than a man’s entitlement.

A daughter, for example, inherits half as much as a son.Women have limited access to health care, economic opportunities and education; early marriage remains prevalent.