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22-Mar-2019 12:38

Croydon is home to the best football club and football fans in the world - and if you say any different, it's over8. When we're around other people from Croydon, we have a tendency to drop our Ts and slip in a few more 'inits'7. We also have a great Snake Bite drinking ability thanks to the Black Sheep's Pound a Pint nights (RIP)6.

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Tram, rail, overground, bus, you name it we've got it.16. Benefits of the former, sneaking into Yates/Lloyds bar for an underage drink. We'll take you to Croydon's best music venue - the high street.

It was going to be called Surrey Heights, because even a show about Croydon tries to deny it.24. One day, we might tell you all about the Wizard, his cat and the Green Dragon. If we ever take you down the Surrey Street Market, chances are you won't understand a word anyone says. We're very protective so don't bad mouth Croydon if there's not a CR in your postcode.