Dating old spice shaving mugs

07-Mar-2019 07:30

An off-shoot of the cream scuttle is the lathering bowl, meant specifically to generate lather with a shaving brush after it has been loaded with cream or soap.

-Century) barber shop, a place for men to meet and discuss all things while getting their hair cut and shave.

However by the end of this period they were more often just used for decorative purposes and not really used.

Prices for these more recent vintage mugs are much lower compared to the previous time frame.

Genuine examples of these types of vintage mugs command the highest prices on internet auction sites.

Barber shops sold mugs with the owners’ names on them partly because they thought that shaving rash came from sharing the same soap.

There are actually two time frames involved with occupational shaving mugs.

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New soap scuttles are functional but somewhat promotional (in that they usually simply designed and decorated, and show the logo of a shaving brand like ).Mugs purchased and held at barbershops were customized with the client’s name and often displayed to encourage the customer to return to the barbershop regularly.

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