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17-Apr-2019 16:12

Many blacks deeply resent the cafe au lait child and most whites do as well. (Unless I am made to subsidize the child's entire existence). As soon as you get here, join ranks with the Cajun French Music Association.They get together ALL the time to dance and have FUN. I guess the point is that the battle of the sexes is being lost on both sides. I never sat down and thought hard about it and ever determined that marriage was in my best interest. I just wish more women had taken the time to review all the advice they had gotten and decided to wait until at LEAST their early 30's before making life-altering decisions.Read: Men kvetching about spousal and child support who are forever hampered by their own ongoing obligations.No, most of these men are not primary conservators, but the song is very similar.

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There was a story in the news less than a year ago about a St.

It also seems they are gone once the girl has their baby, leaving a tough road ahead for a young white girl with a mixed race child. Thankfully, I'm not looking for love (not so sure about the other posters).

I guess I'll just have to try my luck with the influx of tourists.

I don't dislike children at all, but I have zero desire to pull weekend soccer mom duty for someone else's pre-made family, and I get the niggling suspicion that a lot of these guys are simply looking for a way to minimize their duties by putting a third caretaker into the picture.

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Call me unabashedly old-fashioned, but I expect my spouse to treat me as a first priority in any relationship or marriage, regardless. Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!

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