Dating guitar amp transformers

29-Aug-2019 23:43

That could be made easily thanks to detailed production manual.

I copied the work of JF1KCM Mr Kaitsuka and made it. Kaitsuka's support and it was finished successfully so I send you the picture.

Dear Ronald & Marie, I have received your reply and do your suggest, but my CP2102 dirve don't have "BM options". After watching someone else's design, I think it might be the best jump line to use a DB25 plug.

After finishing the assembly last night, I test a 6N8P tube which is a similar 6SN7 tube made in China.

So it has taken a mere 3 years in all to complete the project but on the plus side I had plenty of time to decide on the layout I wanted.

Again, pay homage to the instrument that you have designed such an amazing device! Chang Jun Bao from Shanghai China 22nd of December 2017, Yoshihiro Uda from Japan sent me a few pictures of his u Tracer.

Visit also his website Dear Ronald, Season's greetings!

Ive never before seen such a detailed and next to perfect construction manual! I mixed the two 121k Ohm resistors up with 12k1 resistors, which resulted in -4V instead of -40 Volts. You may want to put a warning into the next revision of the manual. However, on the pictures in the manual, it is also not populated. Dear Ronald For quite a lot of years ago together with Lauri Salasmaa we ordered u Tracer, and these two were the very first u Tracers in Finland. Now one of my RA-friends came to me to see the Racal RA 1772, which I have in my hamshack, and he was very interested in the u Tracer.

Whenever a question came to my mind, it was already covered in the next sentence of the manual. I finished the circuit, made the first measurement (a half of ECC8? Then I designed the box for these two instruments, which I even manufactured, and I put my print in it, but then my forces ended. He has now studied the u Tracer-pages, and maybe he shall build his own instrument, too. The other, built by Salasmaa, is similar, even the colour of the box is the same.

Marie-Jos and Ronald, Last weekend I completed the build and test of the u Tracer3 and it works :) Here is a picture when I test the pentode in a ECL82 BR /Tomas 21st of September 2017, Jos Colmena sent me a few pictures of his cased u Tracer and a link to a Spanish forum discussing the construction! After more than a year using u Tracer I made the furniture for it. Het buisje is overigens een dubbel pentode compactron van GE.

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