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21-Apr-2019 01:22

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That is, however, not quite right medically because ovulation, when an egg cell can first be fertilised, takes place only about 14 to 16 days after the start of the period.

Example: the 10th week of pregnancy means that already 9 weeks plus 1 to 7 days of pregnancy have elapsed.

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However, in the first few weeks of pregnancy, it is hardly possible to determine sex since all embryos look alike.

At this stage, embryos display a kind of bud, a sort of bulge (protuberance).

For offspring, the female body starts to produce distinct hormones, beginning with the 8th week of pregnancy. But the formation of the sex organs is a slow process.

The best time to determine sex is by means of ultrasound in the 20th week of pregnancy.

Then it is fairly simple to determine the sex since the sexual organs are clearly developed.

As precise as modern ultrasound technology may be and as experienced as a doctor may be, mistakes and errors happen again and again.

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